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Welcome to OyeNaukri.com, your ultimate destination for staying informed about Government Job Openings, Competitive Exams, and Skill Development Initiatives. I’m Kunal, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to our platform and the valuable information it provides.

The inception of OyeNaukri.com dates back to 2022 when I participated in the prestigious ISTART competition organised by the Rajasthan government. It was an opportunity to pitch my idea, and I’m proud to say that OyeNaukri.com emerged as the winning concept in the Pali district. Our success story was even covered by renowned publications such as Dainik Bhaskar Patrika and featured on various online platforms. You can find more details about our journey on the ISTART website.

The idea of oyenaukri.com started back in 2022 when there was a competition organized by the Rajasthan government called ISTART, where students had to pitch their ideas to the government. So I pitched the oyenaukri.com Idea, got selected, and won the first prize in the Pali district.

So here are some of the news articles published in Dainik Bhaskar Patrika and even on the internet.

Check this out on ISTART’s website.

kunal oyenaukri istart by rajasthan goverment






OyeNaukri is a digital platform to provide updates on Government Job Openings, Competitive Exams, and Skill development initiatives on a subscription model.

It will keep you updated with the latest government vacancies and news about the latest jobs released in India. We generally focus on high-value content so you can know all the things you need to know about a job, how to fill out the form, and where to apply the eligibility criteria and turns of the information.

What sets us apart in this saturated field is our commitment to delivering unique features. With our multiple push notifications and email alerts, you’ll receive instant updates, keeping you ahead of the competition. Our platform serves as your one-stop solution for government vacancies in every state.

Whether you reside in Rajasthan or support someone from Uttar Pradesh, we have you covered. Our platform provides categorised and well-organized information, enabling you to easily find the latest job opportunities in your state.


Currently, we are focused on our informative blog, where we regularly publish news content to keep you up to date with the latest government vacancies. We aim to compete with established websites like Sarkari Job.info, Sarkari Results, and SKresult, offering you a reliable alternative.

OyeNaukri.com is a recognized startup by the Rajasthan government, and we take pride in our commitment to providing you with high-quality information. As we continue to grow, we encourage you to stick with us on this exciting journey.

DDKisan.in Accquired

Oyenaukri has acquired the ddkisan.in domain, to cover job updates in hindi only.

To learn more about our coverage and recognition, check out the mentions of Rajasthan Digifest in Jodhpur on YourStory. For further information and community engagement, explore our presence on Reddit. Check our twitter.

Thank you for joining us at OyeNaukri.com. Together, we can unlock endless career opportunities and empower you to achieve success.

In short, Oyenaukri.com is a Rajasthan government-recognized startup. And you check more information about the Rajasthan Digifest in jodhpur by Yourstory. To learn more about this coverage, check the Reddit post.