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Hello there! I’m Kunal Kashyap, and I’m incredibly proud to represent India at the forefront of technology through Technology has always been my passion, and I’m dedicated to empowering job seekers like you on our platform.

My journey into the tech world started back in 2017 when I began my venture as a YouTuber. I loved sharing my knowledge and insights with others, but with the demands of my studies, I had to temporarily put my YouTube channel on hold.

After completing my 12th-grade studies, I knew I had to follow my passion for technology and do something meaningful. That’s when I decided to launch The main motive behind creating this platform was to help you and many others like you in your job search journey. I wanted to offer guidance, solve job-related problems, and recommend the best opportunities out there.

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Kunal Kashyap

Meet Kunal Kashyap, a 19-year-old tech enthusiast from India, passionate about solving tech problems, sharing Android insights, and running Backdroid.

Founder of OYENAUKRI and

I’m a firm believer in the power of personal connections, and I’m highly determined. Once I set my mind on something, I never give up. Learning has always been important to me, and I’ve delved into various fields, including psychology, by taking Harvard free courses and listening to psychology podcasts.

By creating, my goal is to make a positive impact on your life and help you find your dream job. I’m also excited to work alongside Yuvraj Prajapat, our co-founder, who brings his expertise in finance and investments to the table.

Yuvraj Prajapat, my co-founder, shares my passion for helping others. Through, he aims to provide valuable finance-related information, including insights into the stock market, the crypto market, and more. Yuvraj’s journey into finance started in 2017 when he began sharing his knowledge through YouTube.

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Yuvraj Prajapat

Yuvraj Prajapat is a multi-talented individual with a passion for finance, managing funds, and providing valuable insights through his YouTube channels, one of which has an impressive 10K subscribers.

Co-Founder of OYENAUKRI, FOUNDER of FinanceKiBaate and One Word Crypto.

His skills in managing funds for investors and making informed decisions in the stock market make him an invaluable asset to our platform. Together, we’re committed to not only assisting you in finding the right job but also offering essential financial insights to secure your future.

We are incredibly grateful for the recognition we’ve received from the Rajasthan government (ISTART) and the support from local newspapers. Building has been both challenging and rewarding, and we couldn’t have done it without amazing users like you.

So, if you have any inquiries or collaboration opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us at or connect with us on our individual social media profiles. We’re here to support and guide you in your journey toward a successful and fulfilling career.

Thank you for being a part of the community.

Best regards,

Kunal Kashyap and Yuvraj Prajapat Founders,

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