Rajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant Syllabus 2023

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If you are aspiring to become a Rajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the syllabus. In this blog post, we will provide a simplified overview of the Rajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant Syllabus for 2023.

Rajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant Syllabus 2023

We have divided the syllabus into different sections, each accompanied by a helpful table for easy reference.

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Section 1: Mathematics (गणित)  Syllabus

Natural numbersUnderstand the concept and properties of natural numbers
Rational and irrational numbersLearn about decimal expansions of rational and irrational numbers
Operations on real numbersPerform various operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.
Laws of exponents for real numbersExplore the rules and properties of exponents for real numbers
Ratio and proportionGain knowledge of ratios, proportions, and their applications
PercentageLearn how to calculate percentages and solve related problems
Profit and lossUnderstand the concepts of profit, loss, and their calculations
Simple and compound interestStudy the basics of simple and compound interest calculations
Time and distanceSolve problems related to time, speed, and distance
Time and speedUnderstand the relationship between time and speed
Work and timeLearn how to calculate work done based on time
Collection of dataUnderstand methods of collecting and organising data
Presentation of dataLearn different techniques for presenting data
Graphical representation of dataUnderstand how to create and interpret graphs and charts
Measure of central tendencyStudy measures like mean, mode, and median for ungrouped and grouped data

Section 2: Basics of Computer (कम्प्यूटर के मूल सिद्धान्त)

Introduction to Computer & WindowsFamiliarise yourself with computer basics, input/output devices, and memory
Windows Explorer MenuLearn how to manage files and folders using Windows Explorer
Word Processing & PresentationsGain proficiency in creating and formatting documents and presentations
SpreadsheetsLearn how to work with spreadsheets, enter data, and perform calculations
Working with Internet and emailsUnderstand web browsing, managing email accounts, and online banking

Section 3: Book-keeping and Accountancy Syllabus

AccountingExplore the meaning, nature, and functions of accounting
Accounting processUnderstand the process of journalizing, ledger maintenance, and trial balance
Preparation of bank reconciliation statementLearn how to reconcile bank statements with accounting records
Rectification of errorsStudy techniques to identify and rectify accounting errors
Accounting for depreciationUnderstand the need, significance, and methods of providing depreciation
Receipts and payments accountLearn to prepare receipts and payments accounts and income-expenditure accounts
Single entry systemUnderstand the preparation of accounts from incomplete records
Partnership accountsStudy the fundamentals of partnership accounts and related adjustments
Reconstitution of the firmGain knowledge about admission, retirement, and death of partners
Insurance claimsUnderstand the process of handling insurance claims

Section 4: Business Methods Syllabus

BusinessLearn about the introduction, scope, and objectives of business
Forms of Business OrganizationsUnderstand the different forms of business organisations
EntrepreneurshipStudy the concept, importance, and factors affecting entrepreneurship
Negotiable InstrumentsExplore the meaning and types of negotiable instruments
Sources of Business FinanceUnderstand various sources of finance for businesses
AdvertisingGain knowledge about the meaning, importance, and methods of advertising
Consumer rights and protectionLearn about consumer rights and protection against exploitation
Human resource planningUnderstand the process of human resource planning and management
CommunicationStudy the communication process, barriers, and suggestions for improvement
DisciplineExplore the causes of indiscipline in organisations and suggestions for improvement
CoordinationUnderstand the importance and principles of coordination in business

Section 5: Auditing Syllabus

AuditingStudy the meaning, objectives, types, and procedures of auditing
VouchingUnderstand the concepts, importance, and procedures of vouching
Internal ControlExplore the meaning, objectives, and processes of internal control
Valuation and verification of assetsLearn how to value and verify assets and liabilities
Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Company AuditorUnderstand the roles and responsibilities of a company auditor
Audit of Government CompaniesStudy the specific considerations for auditing government companies
Audit Reports and Audit CertificatesGain knowledge of the preparation and significance of audit reports

Section 6: Indian Economics

Indian EconomyExplore the features, problems, and policies of the Indian economy
Economic planning in IndiaUnderstand the meaning, objectives, and importance of economic planning
Population ExplosionStudy the causes, effects, and remedies of population explosion
Role and significance of agricultureGain knowledge about the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy
Sources of agriculture financeLearn about sources of finance and recent trends in agriculture marketing

Rajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant Syllabus 2023 Overview

Recruitment OrganizationRajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSMSSB)
Post NameRajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant
Advt No.02/2023
Total Posts5190
Job LocationRajasthan
Syllabus Release Date20 June 2023
Exam Date17 September 2023
Mode of ApplyOnline
CategoryRajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant Syllabus 2023
Official Websitersmssb.rajasthan.gov.in


Having a clear understanding of the Rajasthan Tehsil Revenue Accountant Syllabus is crucial for effective exam preparation. By referring to the tables provided in this blog post, you can easily comprehend the topics and subheadings covered in each section. We hope this comprehensive guide will aid you in your preparation journey and help you excel in the examination. Best of luck!

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